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Projects Implemented

  • Old Yoshimine boiler burning fuel oil as supplementary fuel replaced with a more efficient Circulatory Fluidised Bed boiler from Takuma using coal / lignite as supplementary fuel.
    • Power generation from Turbine increased from 1600 kW to 2300 kW.
    • Energy costs reduced drastically both on account of boiler fuel and on purchase of PEA power. Projects Implemented
  • Reduced energy consumption in plant by optimizing cooling water and air compressors running. Power saved = 140 kWh.
  • Replaced cooling water pumps and later modified impellers of cooling water pumps. Power saved = 60 kWh.
  • Cooling tower fans replaced. Power saved = 45 kWh.
  • Plant insulation reviewed and reworked to reduce heat losses
  • Lighting load reviewed. Reduced by 30 kWh.
  • Existing tube lights replaced with energy saving ones. Investment = Baht 89,000; Savings = Baht 81,000/annum.image
  • Replacement of existing high power rating motors with energy efficient motors. Cost and economics being worked out.image