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Projects Implemented

  • Recovered Furfural from waste streams in the plant.Further optimization of the recovery under QCC projects carried out.
    • A recovery of 140 MT/annum of Furfural possible which earlier was wasted on top of corncobs.image
  • A wet scrubber installed to arrest waste steam going to atmosphere which contributed to smell in the plant neighboring vicinity.
  • Installation of a new highly efficient waste water treatment plant.
    • Produce Biogas which is burnt in the boiler and reduces fuel in the boiler
  • Installation of an evaporator system to removecolor from the filtrate coming from filtration plant.
  • Replacement of existing distillation column with a higher capacity and more efficient column.
  • Reduce the losses from the existing column bottom and also process Furfural recovered from the new wet scrubber.
  • Carbon foot printing exercise with the help of an authorized outside agency. Awarded ISO 14064 Certification.image
  • Existing tube lights replaced with energy saving ones. Investment = Baht 89,000; Savings = Baht 81,000/annum.
  • Replacement of existing high power rating motors with energy efficient motors. Cost and economics being worked out.