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Furfural is a member of the family of heterocyclic compounds known as the furans, which are charactrerised by a nucleus consisting of a doubly unsaturated ring of four Carbon atoms and one Oxygen atom. Furfural is an aldehyde with the (-CHO) group located in the 2 position of the furan ring. It is obtained industrially from pentosan containing agricultural residues such as corn cobs, bagasse, cottonseed hulls, oat hulls and rice hulls.

Physical Description

Furfural is a clear yellowish to brown liquid with a typical almond smell and shows characteristic properties of aldehyde and furan rings. It mixes readily with alcohol and ether. When exposed to air, a decolourisation takes place increasing acidity and polymer formation. In the absence of oxygen Furfural possesses a high thermal stability.

Product Specifications

S.No Item Unit Value
1 Purity w/w 98.5 % (minimum)
2 Moisture w/w 0.2 % (maximum)
3 Acidity eq/lit 0.02 (maximum)

Principal Uses
  • Chemical intermediate product for the production of Furfuryl alcohol, tetrahydrofuran, tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, furan, polyoxytetramethyl alcohol etc.
  • Selective solvent in lubricant refinery for separating aromatic compounds and other unsaturated compounds.
  • Solvent for anthracene and resins.
  • Extractive distillation of butadienes.
  • Marking agent for fuel.
  • Reactive solvent and wetting agent in the manufacture of abrasive wheels and brake linings.
  • As an insecticide/ fungicide / germicide (Nematicides).
  • As a flavor / aroma compound.
  • Treatment of timber wood against infestation.

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